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Running Horse Automata - Laser Cut Files - SVG Files - Glowforge Beamo K40

Running Horse Automata - Laser Cut Files - SVG Files - Glowforge Beamo K40

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Running Horse Automata - SVG FILES

IMPORTANT - Read everything below before purchasing.

This is a digital file only. You will not receive a finished product. ETSY will send you a download link automatically once payment is complete. Please download from a computer as opposed to an iPhone/Android/Tablet etc as many phones can't recognise ZIP files.

After many long years of work the running horse is now available to make yourself! I have spent a lot of time making, tweaking and improving this horse over the years. It has mechanical hoof beats timed to the running motion. You can see it in action with sound on my YouTube channel @rossmcsweeney
Included are 7 SVG files in various size formats. I can also make PDF, Adobe Illustrator files etc

A very kind customer has made a short video about how the whole horse goes together. It is worth a watch!

I have written a detailed 99 page instruction booklet with about 250 photos to help you along the way. The instructions may seem long but it only takes a few seconds to complete 1 page. It is mostly full of photos!

You will need 30cm x 30cm sheets of wood to cut the 2.5mm or 36cm x 36cm to cut the 1/8".
I have also made A4 Size Sheets for 2.5mm or 36cm x 27xm for 1/8".

I can also make custom size cutting sheets for you. For example if your laser can only cut 25cm by 60cm for 3mm material or something like that I can try and make a custom file that will work with your cutting dimensions.

All files will be in a ZIP file as there are too many files which will exceed the ETSY limit of 4 files only. Simply right click and hit extract to get your files. If you cannot extract a ZIP file please email me at rossmcsweeney [!at] and I will personally send you the files. Please allow up to 12 hours for various time zone differences.

If you have trouble please feel free to send me a message!

I designed these files for my Beambox 40w laser cutter which uses SVG files. I do not have experience with CNC machines or DXF files so I will not make them. I strongly recommend that you only buy these files if you have some knowledge about how to resize SVG files for your laser cutter. There are 1000's of different machines and wood types so these files may not work straight away. They may need a size tweaking which you can do in illustrator or Inkscape (free) or any similar software. I do not recommend that you resize the files for wood smaller than 2.5mm.
If you cannot do it by yourself send me a message and I will see if I can help! Please try the test cut first and let me know if it is too tight, or too loose.

Good luck making your Running Horse
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